Speaking business values in UX

There are occasional stories of the design and business teams butting heads.

The most common conflict is the necessity for research. The design team will try to convince the business team about the risks of not doing the research, which would result in the product not serving what it was meant to do. And the reply would probably be it takes too much time and time equals money.

So what if we took the approach of speaking to the business team in their

With what we have observed in usability studies and other research, we uncovered the business impact which is associated with our findings. If we were to tackle this impact successfully, there will a great return of investment to the organization!

This will result in an increase in revenue and who doesn’t like the sound of that?

And to add a little more motivation to ease any lingering friction, what will happen if you DON’T tackle the issue?

Then let the power of silence do the work. 😉

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Written by Renee K.
I am an Animation & Game designer turned UX Designer. I enjoy taking complex, abstract and new ideas and creating interactions and visuals that make the user journey exciting and delightful. Feel free to reach out and start a conversation with me!
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