1. Slowing Down To Scale Design – Samantha Yuen


2.  Design the Right Thing … and Then Design Things Right – Victor Ong


3. Maturing User Research in a Unicorn: Methods and Mindsets – Sakti Nuzan


4. Driving into the future of Fintech with UX Leadership – Stevanus Christophel


5. Data Driven UX: The Engine of A High-performing Company – Alessio Zazzarini


6. Designing for User-Centered Privacy –
Venetia Tay


7. Shaping the Future with Ecosystem App – 
Adze Ganesha


8. Unimaginable UX – A sneak-peek Into The Future of Design – Saptarshi Prakash


9. Outside in: Better design by looking outwards – Khai Seng


11. Anticipating and Designing The Digital Future – Aditya Kedia