Wolfgang Bremer

Director of Design @ SAP

Wolfgang is an award-winning design veteran with 20+ years of experience and a rare combination of design & product knowledge. He serves as Director of Design at SAP and he's also co-founder of Founder2be.com, the largest truly global online service for finding co-founders.
As a design leader in multiple Fortune 500 companies and multimillion dollar startups Wolfgang has managed global design teams and worked on countless B2C & B2B projects. Equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset, creative problem solving skills, and an excellent eye for detail, he drives product design & development and creates outstanding consumer & business products. In short, Wolfgang likes building products and simplifying people’s lives.


Russ Wilson

Director & Head of Design for Google Cloud Platform@Google

Russ Wilson joined Google as Director & Head of Design for Google Cloud Platform in March 2016. Russ Wilson joined Microsoft in December 2013 as a Partner Director and Head of Design for Business Intelligence, a collection of products and services that enable you to visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive new ways.

Prior to Microsoft, Russ was the founder and Director of IBM’s Mobile Innovation Lab. The mission of the lab is to identify disruptive mobile technologies and trends and transform them into new products and solutions that deliver significant value to individuals and companies. Russ also served as the Head of Design for IBM’s Application and Integration Middleware business unit, providing design leadership for Websphere, MobileFirst, Pure, IoT, and smarter process. As one of IBM’s new Design Executives, Russ helped to teach and evangelize design thinking throughout IBM, and influence a new era in software product development.

Prior to IBM, Russ was the worldwide Senior Vice President of User Experience at CA Technologies where he led the development of an enterprise-wide design language and a common application platform. Russ joined CA as part of the acquisition of NetQoS, where Russell was one of the original executives.

Russ is a serial entrepreneur, an experienced executive, and has proven success in both startups and large companies. His interests include approaches to innovation, user experience design, rapid prototyping, and team building.


Liow Yong Hwa

Ex-Head of Design & Research @ Grab Financials Group, GrabTaxi - Holdings

Yong Hwa, formerly Head of Design & Research for Grab Financial Group, is a long time design practitioner, starting in dot.com days of 2000, working in ad agencies till her Aha moment when she chances upon Apple’s Human Computer Interface Guidelines while researching on a project. Since then she has move on and worked with Creative Labs, R&D arm of Creative Technology, OCBC Bank and Grab.

She believes that everything around us are and need to be consciously designed. A good design is solving a problem and making things work beautifully for people. An exceptional good experience design is marked by beautiful stories that people remembered. Her current focus is on helping team to achieve great outcomes for business. This include guiding the organisation transformation in customer experience, connecting business strategy and human insights to forward the creation of product, services and brand experiences.


Chelsea Chen

UX Lead, APAC @ PayPal

Chelsea considers herself an accidental UX-er but has not looked back since. As UX Lead at PayPal, Chelsea’s work is rooted in UX strategy and design, user research and content strategy. Prior to PayPal, Chelsea was Senior Experience Strategist at Citi FinTech, where she served as Design Lead for Citi’s first ever chatbot.

Design to Chelsea is about weaving intention into a seamless, transcendent experience. Chelsea’s appreciation for design intensified when she became a mother of two. As she helps her rambunctious boys experience the world, they teach her the truths about every human’s primal need for connection, assurance, and delight.

Chelsea is fascinated by elements that make up a transcendent user experience – and is happy to chat more if you like coffee.


Khai Seng

Former Head of Singapore @ Foolproof

Khai Seng has been in the design field since 2004, focusing on design research and interaction design. He was previously the Head of Singapore for Foolproof, a UK-based experience design agency. He is a firm believer in holistic experience design spanning digital, spatial, product and service domains. However, he also thinks that delivering great design for a client is only part of the equation – it is also key to help clients bring sustained impact and cultural change in the way they work.

Throughout his career, Khai Seng has facilitated many workshops and training programmes with C-suite executives and working professionals to drive cultural change within organizations around design and innovation. Khai Seng is also certified as an Integral coach by New Ventures West – that involves helping people to create and maintain habits of excellence that are self-generating and self-correcting.


Adze Ganesha

Principal UX Designer @ Tokopedia

Adze Ganesha is the first Principal UX Designer in Tokopedia, the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia. As a UX designer, Adze designed many products and services in Tokopedia that had been used by million daily users. As Principal he also helps to build a strong product design team.

He believes that good UX supposedly helps many people, and there’s no better place than marketplace to realize it. Adze has a strong passion for education. He often teaches and conducts workshops about UX design.


Mario Van der Meulen

Principal Designer @ Foolproof Singapore

Mario Van der Meulen believes that people ignore design that ignores people. He is a creative who’s able to see what others are saying. A versatile, ambidextrous designer who can think strategically and execute tactically. Formerly as creative director at Frog currently as a Principal Designer at Foolproof, he discovers, designs and delivers experience design principles. In our design-by-humans-for-humans world, Mario works to dispel the misconceptions about how breakthrough ideas for meaningful innovation are made. He gives a voice to the end-user, meaning to the solution, and value to the design thinking.


FengYi Yu

UX Researcher @ Google

FengYi has educational background in Psychology. She started her user research journey in the consumer electronics industry and shifted to online/offline product field the past few years. She’s always curious about people and their behaviour. The more she knows about technology, the more she believes that only when technology meet people’s needs, can it be sustainable. She has been working with stakeholders across multiple functions in different scale of companies. And trying to find out how to solve real problems and serve real needs with the team in different cultures by understanding different perspectives.


Efrim Bartosik

Product Design Lead @ MoneySmart

Product Designer with experience in e-commerce, consultancy and incubation environments. Taking a user-centered approach using data to make informed design decisions to improve the user experience. Currently focusing on design scalability bridging cross-department collaboration.


Menaka Chandrasekhar

Senior Product Designer @ PropertyGuru Group

Menaka Chandrasekhar has over 10 years of design experience spanning
across Singapore and India. With a strong background in graphic design, she
has a unique skill set of designing for various experiences, both online and
offline. Her love for problem solving and pixel perfect designs eventually led
her to becoming a digital product designer.
Though she specializes in creating human centered products, she also
understands the value of balancing business needs and user goals.
When she’s not busy being a super-mom after work, you may find her
enthusiastically chatting away about geeky things (like the influence of AI and
machine learning on UX) at design meet-ups across the city.


Venetia Tay

Head of Audience Insights @ Mozilla

Venetia Tay is the Head of Audience Insights at Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind Firefox. Her focus is to understand their key consumer and developer audiences and be the authentic “voice of the user” in the organization. As a business strategist with a mixed methods research background, she focuses on research that delivers actionable insights to inspire and shape design, product development and brand/marketing strategy. Her previous experiences include frog design and Studio D Radiodurans.
In an alternate reality, she would have been an undersea explorer.


Samantha Yuen

Design Research Lead @ GovTech Singapore

Agoraphobia led Sam from hospitality management to human-centered design in 2005. Driven by a fascination of and care for people, she has overcome her fears to lead many global qualitative studies that shape product design and business strategy.

Today, Sam is driving design research as a new discipline at Government Digital Services Singapore, serving 45+ UX designers by developing their kungfu and raising the value of craft. Previously, as founding member of Foolproof Singapore, she helped to grow the APAC business and nurture an insights team.

In building capability, Sam believes in scaling depth as well as a breadth of knowledge, working mindfully, and creating safety for vulnerability. She hopes that one day, people will feel safe enough to cry in front of their colleagues.


Saptarshi Prakash

Lead Product Designer @ Swiggy

Saptarshi is an Engineer turned, Manager turned Self Taught Product Designer. He holds 2 degrees from the prestigious IIT Madras, yet he chose UX as his profession because he believes problem-solving can go well beyond the limits of engineering. Saptarshi presently leads consumer design at Swiggy, India’s largest food ordering and delivery platform. With a valuation of 3.3 Bn USD, Swiggy has presence in 100+ Indian cities. It clocks close to a million orders every day, ensuring deliveries under 30 mins for most of them. In his past stints, he has worked with some of the well known startups of India like Housing.com and Zeta. When he is not designing, Saptarshi is either drafting his next design talk, or backpacking in some country, far off.


Aditya Kedia

Associate Director - Experience Design @ Manulife

Aditya is an adept experience designer with over 12 years of experience in crafting experiences across physical and digital touch-points.
He is humanising technology by using a data driven and customer centric design approach to transform the way customers consume products or services and create greater value for businesses. With hands-on experience in Research, Strategy and Design; Aditya manages the design process across product lifecycle.

Aditya is based in Hong Kong and has extensive experience working across 10 developed and emerging APAC markets. Aditya has also mentored, facilitated and organised numerous design workshops and jams and taught design at Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


Ben Kim

Head Of Product Design @ Style Theory

Ben is an American expat currently residing in Jakarta, Indonesia. Leading the Product Design Team at Style Theory, he is working on establishing a user-centered focus for product teams and streamlining UX delivery to better serve the entire organization.