Ben Kim

Head of UX @ Style Theory

Ben is currently leading the Product & UX Team at Style Theory, where he is working on establishing a user-centered focus for product teams and streamlining UX delivery to better serve the entire organization.


Before Style Theory, he’s previously worked with Fortune 500 companies, Fortune Global 100 financial institutions, successful Silicon Valley startups, and international publishing companies


Wednesday, 19 November 2019 | 10.45 – 11.30


We often hear the phrase “it’s okay to make mistakes.” And yet, many UXers are often scared of trying new things for the fear of doing things “wrong.” Even worse, they are stuck in environments that encourage safe play or worse, punished for taking risks. In this talk, Ben will share some insights for UXers on how to correctly do things wrong, inspired by stories from more than 100 UX Teams across 6 continents.